16m Diesel Artic Boom

16m Diesel Artic Boom

Product Code: 77/1171-h

Z45/22 boom lift is ideal for outdoor construction and industrial application. Genie engine-powered articulating Z45/22 boom lifts, provide lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities and outreach that’s second to none. •Drivable at full height. •Variable speed, front two wheel hydraulic drive. •90° steering (zero inside turning radius). •Manoeuvres easily in narrow aisles and congested areas. •Travels through a standard 6′x6′ 8″ (1.83m x 2.03m) doorway stowed. •Reaches out 25.1ft (7.65m) to clear obstacles as high as 22.1ft (6.73m). •Unique infinity variable proportional control system in both lift and drive for smooth operation in stowed and elevated positions. •Tight 6ft (1.83m) inside turning radius for precise positioning. •360˚ boom roation. •Automatic self-leveling platform with a convenient manual override system. •Platform features a hydraulic rotator to swivel a full 180˚ for precise overhead positioning. •Fully enclosed platform with a 500lb (227kg) capacity. •Platform and ground level controls.

Decibel Reading: dB[A] 70
Height 2m
Length 5.56m
Platform Height 13.87m
Platform Size: mm 0.76x1.83m
Power Diesel
Product Model Z45-25
Reach 7.62m
Safe Working Load 227kg
Speed 3mph
Weight 6963kg
Width 1.79m
Working Height 15.87m
Product Comparison
Product Name Height Length Platform Height Platform Length Platform Size: mm Power Supply Reach Rotation Safe Working Load Speed Weight Width Working Height Decibel Reading: dB[A] Power Product Model Handrail Height: mm Fuel Tank Capacity Price
12m Diesel Artic Boom 1.95m 4.1m 10.2m 0.76m 0.65x1.1m Diesel 6.1m 360deg 200kg 2.2mph 3470kg 1.6m 12.2m N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

16m Diesel Artic Boom 2m 5.56m 13.87m N/A 0.76x1.83m N/A 7.62m N/A 227kg 3mph 6963kg 1.79m 15.87m 70 Diesel Z45-25 N/A N/A

20m Diesel Artic Boom 2.69m 8.15m 18.39m 1.83m 0.91x2.44m Diesel 11.05 Continuous 227kg 3mph 10215kg 2.46m 20.39m 84 N/A Z60-34 19.39m N/A

20-22m Telescopic Boom 2.72m 9.42m 19.8m 1.83m 0.91x2.44m Diesel 17.1m Continuous 227kg 3mph 10449kg 2.49m 21.8m N/A N/A S65 20.8m 132l

26m Diesel Artic Boom 3m 11.13m 24.38m 2.44m 0.91x1.83m Diesel 16.45m Continuous 230kg 3mph 16110kg 2.49m 26.38m N/A N/A 800AJ 24.6m 151l

28m Hybrid Artic Boom Lift 2.7m 9.28m 26m N/A 0.9x2.4m N/A 19m N/A 280kg 3mph 14650kg 2.49m 28m N/A Diesel/Battery HR28 Hybrid N/A N/A

17m Diesel Artic Boom 2.07m 7.25m 15.5m N/A 0.76x1.83m Diesel 9.03m N/A 227kg 5mph 7300kg 2.29m 17.55m N/A N/A SJ51AJ N/A 64l

19m Diesel Artic Boom 2.25m 6.15m 19.3m N/A 0.7x1.5m N/A 12.8m N/A 225kg 4.7mph 3950kg 2.05m 21.3m N/A Diesel SD210 N/A N/A

21m Diesel Artic Boom 2.54m 9.14m 19.38m N/A 0.91x1.83m Diesel 12.19m N/A 227kg 4.5mph 10200kg 2.44m 21.38m N/A N/A SJ63 N/A 151l

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