Motorola GP340 ATEX Radio

Motorola GP340 ATEX Radio

Product Code: 80/0040-h

The GP340 EX is built with a visible blue colour, helping to ensure that users only bring ATEX/IECEx approved radios into potentially explosive environments.

Intelligent safety

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Model GP340EX
Range 3-4km
Application ATEX Rated Sites
Licensed or Licence Free Licensed
Programmable <>
Power Output 1w
Battery Life 8hrs
Channels 16
Frequency Band UHF / VHF
CTCSS_5 Tone_Sub Channels 5 tone / CTCSS
Vox Handsfree <>
Extras Case included, whisper mode, call status indications, call forward.
Scan <>
Emergency Button <>
Mandown <>
Monitor <>
IP Ratings IP54
ATEX Rating ATEX: Class II 2G Ex ib. IIC T4 Gb, IECEx: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
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