Product Code: 80/0121-h

The JSP PowerCap Infinity, PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) offers high level protection against multiple hazards. It combines TH3 respiratory protection with eye, face and head protection with the option of adding Sonis ear defenders for hearing protection. All this comes in the form of a fully integrated helmet mounted unit, without the inconvenience of waist belts, lengths of tubing or extra cables. The system uses a powerful, lightweight, battery powered fan to draw air through the filters and then blow clean air down over the user's face. It can deliver clean filtered air for up to 8 hours on a single battery charge. This positive pressure system allows the user to breathe normally, eliminates misting inside the face shield and accommodates facial hair without any loss in protection. The high capacity HEPA filters coupled with aerodynamically optimised pre-filter covers ensure the PowerCap Infinity can deliver 160 litres of clean air per minute.

Features and Benefits
  • The unit features ‘Heads-Up Display’ and audible warnings for battery and filter condition, enabling the wearer to manage their usage effectively
  • User responsive smart PPE: real-time diagnostics that monitor the system twice a second allow the user to identify and differentiate between any issues with the unit
  • Fully rechargeable, offering an 8 hour battery life
Battery Life 8 hour
Depth 350mm (Approx)
Height 300mm (Approx)
Weight 1.1kg (Approx)
Width 250mm (Approx)

Don't Forget:

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