Altair 4XR

Altair 4XR

Product Code: 80/0549-h

The new ALTAIR 4XR Multigas Detector provides real time event notification using Bluetooth connectivity. This tough and reliable 4-gas monitor with proven XCell Sensors is among the fastest in the world, and when paired with the ALTAIR Connect app, can text alarm notifications to supervisors, team members or other users. Maintenance, operational support and compliance are quickly and reliably enhanced; real-time alarm and event notifications let you deliver an entirely new level of safety.

Weight 228g
Depth 3.5cm
Width 7.6cm
Battery Life 24 hours
Number of Sensors 4
Internal Pump -
External Pump Option -
Audible & Visual Alarm Yes
Vibration Alarm -
Event Logging Yes
Datalogging Yes
Autocalibration Yes
Charging Time Hours 4
IP Ratings IP68

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