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At a time when the industry is under constant pressure from both legislative and industry demands to improve environmental performance, at Speedy we recognise that we have a duty to support our customers through our Intelligent Environment initiative.

Our GO range of tools and equipment is carefully selected as not just "fit for purpose", but for delivering excellence in health and safety performance to ensure the industry benefits from an ever improving safety record, also for excellence in environmental performance and long term sustainability of our product range.

The tools awarded the GO rating are assessed against a comparable model, typically an earlier model from the same manufacturer with random tests carried out to ensure validity of the data through independent test conditions, before being awarded ratings against a number of sustainable qualities.

Products in excess of 10% more efficient than their predecessors. This product category also comes with indicative costs and carbon benefits per hour of usage.
Products which are designed better and therefore use less material, or have a high % of recycled content, over and above what would generally be expected. This category would also cover end of life re-use.
Products which reduce waste on-site and therefore reduce waste to landfill from construction sites.
Products which reduce the amount of water used.
Products which reduce the noise impact of operation by over 10% to an earlier model or products designed specifically to reduce noise levels.
Products which prevent pollution, not products which clean up following a pollution incident.
Products which reduce statutory nuisance issues (dust, odour, litter), normally by better application or design.
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