Sale of Age Restricted Products Policy

Policy Overview

Legislation applies age restrictions to the sale of certain products, for example knives, blades, aerosols and solvent based products. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the sale of those products by Speedy is made in accordance with the law.

Speedy’s Policy for age restricted products is to only sell, supply, deliver or hand these products to people over the age of 18 years old. Central to this policy is Speedy’s operation of Challenge 25 in this area.

Challenge 25

If the person purchasing, collecting or taking delivery of the age restricted product appears to be under 25 years old then Speedy will check their age by inspecting an acceptable form of ID be proceeding.

Acceptable forms of ID

Only a passport or European Union photo driving licence are acceptable forms of ID. If no ID is produced, then the sale or delivery will be refused. Copies of the ID inspected may be taken.


Challenge 25 applies to all deliveries of age restricted products. If there is any doubt that the person accepting delivery of any age restricted product is not old enough, Speedy will refuse to complete the delivery of the items. This would not affect delivery of any non-age restricted items being delivered.

Proxy Sales

It is also against the law to sell age restricted products to someone over the minimum age in the knowledge that these products will be given to someone under the minimum age. Speedy’s policy is to refuse to complete the sale or delivery if we suspect that this may be the case.