Enviropad Medium

Enviropad Medium

Product Code: B008170025A-s

The EnviroPad is a revolutionary form of drip tray that utilises unique polymer technology to capture and retain spills and drips from workplace activities when using or storing tools, generators, plant, fuel containers or other items that can cause leakage of hydrocarbons such as oil, diesel or petrol into the environment. The EnviroPad is unlike any other product on the market as it incorporates a smart membrane with unique polymer technology contained within to capture and retain hydrocarbons. The EnviroPad offers huge advantages in that it retains and ‘locks in’ hydrocarbons into the polymer, massively reducing the risk of pollution entering the environment. Oil and other hydrocarbons are instantly trapped, solidified and immobilised into a non-leaching, dry rubber-like mass, ensuring that hazardous fluids are removed to non-detectable levels. Retains up to 7ltr of hydrocarbons.

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Features and Benefits
  • The state-of-the-art method of spill containment, designed to replace traditional drip trays and absorbent products
  • Winner of a Green Apple Environmental Award, a national awards programme recognising Britain’s greenest organisations and products
  • Unique product - no comparable products available on the market

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Pollution Prevention
Products which prevent pollution, not products which clean up following a pollution incident.
Width 0.69m
Length 0.9m
Retention Level 7 litres
GO Pollution Prevention and Control Yes

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