Infrared Heater -240v 58000 BTU

Infrared Heater -240v 58000 BTU

Product Code: B020140045A-s

Infrared oil heater for use in small and medium indoor environments where there is good ventilation. Delivers radiant heat fast and precisely, without any air movement. Has overheat thermostat, tip-over switch, digital error display, electronic flame control, photocell cut off, electronic cooling system, solenoid fuel pump, double fuel filter, and fuel level gauge. Easy to maintain. Suitable for warehouses, workshops and building sites. Ideal for dust-free drying of walls or paints, defrosting machinery or pipes, heating work areas.


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Features and Benefits
  • Low noise
Weight 16kg
Height 535mm
Width 530mm
Voltage: V 240v
Heat Output 58000BTU
Length 290mm
Suppliers Part Number DXL5

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