V-Tuf M Class Lung Safe Vacuum - VTM1110 110V�������

V-Tuf M Class Lung Safe Vacuum - VTM1110 110V�������

Product Code: B021120190A-s

PROTECT YOUR HEALTH, PROTECT YOUR VACUUM, BE COMPLIANY AND DO YOUR JOB EFFECTIVELY WITH V-TUF M. The V-TUF M helps you tackle dust at the source. Connect directly to your powertools or sweep up and enjoy a dust=t free environment. The V-TUF M is certified to M-Class, the new 'Minimum Legal Requirement' for construction sites. Selected features include, 99.9% Filtration efficiency, Extraction Velocity Monitor, Integrated Filter Shaker System, Universal Powetool Connector and a Handy Blow Feature.


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Product Model VTM1110

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