Dehydro 1 Emergency Pumping Kit

Dehydro 1 Emergency Pumping Kit

Product Code: B023100015-s

A Dehydro is an emergency pumping kit which has a powerful pump, 2x packs of FloodSax Door and discharge hoses for defending a property from flooding. Depending on which kit is selected, the pump is designed to pump water levels down to a level of between 3mm and 1mm. Hoses are light, easy to position and feature quick connections to enable fast deployment in an emergency. Supplied in a sturdy easy-carry case, there is sufficient space within to not only store the pumping equipment, but keep other flood protection products e.g. emergency grab bags, emergency meals etc. Dehydro 1 Contains 1x BPS100, 230 volt submersible pump. This has a 100watt motor, weighs 2.5kgs (dry) and is supplied with a quick release hose connector, 10 metres of power cable and a plug for immediate use. It will pump approximately 40 litres per minute across 30 metres of level ground when using 25mm (1”) hose. No initial priming required before starting, it will pump water down to 3mm, but it must not run dry. Ideal for use with a generator or mains power (when connected and safe to use).


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  • Lightweight, fast to deploy in an emergency. Product Contents: 1x BPS100. 1x Phase 1 hose kit: 10 metres of 25mm (1in) non-kink hose c/w quick release connectors. For pumping near the property e.g. over window ledges, steps, walls, FloodSax, sandbags etc. 1x Phase 2 hose kit: 10 metres of 25mm (1in) lay-flat hose c/w quick release connectors. For pumping over flat surfaces e.g. over ground, away from the property. 2x Floodsax Door: 2x door str

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