Floodsax Door

Floodsax Door

Product Code: C0112245-s

FloodSax are a clean, easy to store and fit alternative to sandbags for the protection of property from flooding. They are filled with a super-absorbent polymer which absorbs water, swelling up to 20kg in just three minutes. They are biodegradable and have a storage life of 5 years. Suitable for any property that is at risk of flooding, they can be fitted in minutes


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Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight, fast to deploy in an emergency, biodegradable.
Resource Efficient
Products which are designed better and therefore use less material, or have a high % of recycled content, over and above what would generally be expected. This category would also cover end of life re-use.
GO Resource Efficiency Yes
Length 0.9m
Product Brand Obart
Weight Dry 200g
Weight Wet 20kg
Width 0.19m

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