Refuse Bags 18" X 29" X 29" 90 Ltr Black Heavy Duty (Bx 200)

Refuse Bags 18" X 29" X 29" 90 Ltr Black Heavy Duty (Bx 200)

Product Code: C44010110A-s

The CHSA Plastic Refuse Sack Standard accreditation scheme now extends to all our recycling and waste sacks and bags, including those previously outwith the scope (dimensions) of the CHSA performance test. This is the customers’ guarantee they get what they pay for, ‘what’s on the box is in the box’, whilst the performance standard itself is reserved for sacks manufactured specifically to meet the CHSA performance test for the design weights 5kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 20kg. Our LowCO2t™ products are engineered to provide maximum performance using minimal resources. This not only helps to reduce the volume of plastic used, it also helps by cutting carbon emissions during production and transportation.

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Colour Black
Manufacturing Standard CHSA
Package Type Box
Product Brand Cromwell Polythene
Product Ref Number LD39A
Size 18" X 29" X 29" 90 LTR
Weight: kg 8.29

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