Visor - Clear Polycarbonate V-Gard Chem Splash (Msa)

Visor - Clear Polycarbonate V-Gard Chem Splash (Msa)

Product Code: C45310457A-s

Designed for use with V-Gard Frames and V-Gard Headgear. For many visor versions the sides are contoured towards face for a closer fit and improved resistance to impact and splash hazards. Can be worn with helmet-mounted ear muffs. Superior UV protection. 2 thickness versions depending on your needs and budget. Available with Antifog/Antiscratch coatings. Special versions, called nitrometers, are designed to work withV-Gard Retractable or Standard Chin Protectors. Visors with green tint help alleviate eye strain and fatigue by reducing excessive glare, especially in outdoor working conditions. Not for use where a Shade Infrared (IR) visor is required.


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Colour Clear
Manufacturing Standard EN 166 (2C�1,2 1B 389 KN)
Package Type Each
Product Brand V-GARD
Product Ref Number 10154949

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