TIDI Plastic Hangers With 3 Hooks

TIDI Plastic Hangers With 3 Hooks

Product Code: C9901395A-s

These heavy duties Tidi-Hanger S hooks to fit over scaffolding, cable trays and ceiling grids. They’re non-conductive, recyclable and can hold 5kg of weight. Each one has the capacity to hold 15 x 110 volt arctic cables. Most customers hang Tidi-Hanger S hooks from overhead features, but the screw hole in the side means they can also be fixed to walls. Once in place, the user twists the hanger away, puts in cables and allows it bend back into position. This secures the cables against the wall without damaging them. All products are made in the UK from the best components and using them will ensure that you’re taking the reasonable steps to keep your site staff safe.


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Height 244mm
Width 118mm
Suppliers Part Number TC002
Working Load Limit 5kg

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