Capital Commitment Offer Terms and conditions

* Terms and conditions:

1. Applies to all customers with an order and delivery of equipment within the M25 area, an open credit account.
2. Limited to the top 50 product listed only.
3. Valid for orders between 04/01/2018 and 31/3/2018.
4. Subject to withdrawel at any time, without notice.
5. Subject to top 50 product stock being available (otherwise penalty applied) and Speedy confirming the order, confirmation being provided before 3pm on the day of order.
6. Deliveries can take place at any time up to 12 midnight on the day of order and is subject to access being provided for delivery.
7.Offer of up to 1 free week's hire of the item not delivered on the same day.
8. Cannot be used with any other promotion.
9. Subject to a fixed delivery charge of £10 for same day delivery.
10. In addition, there will be a fixed collection charge of £10 for same day collection.