Case Studies | Anthony Fox, Retail & Hospitality/FM – Team Manager

Anthony Fox, Retail & Hospitality/FM – Team Manager

Starting in November 2020, during COVID my experience to the office was different to how it was prior the pandemic. Even though things were different I had the right support network around me from my team to receive the right training to settle in & become fully pledged hire controller. I quickly established myself by joining the environmental ambassadors that I would soon take the lead on to help change the way the office thinks about recycling & their impacts on the environment. I also trained for first aid & fire marshal as I believe any way, I can help I will.

It was on the 2nd attempt for a TM position within direct that I was successful.. I took the feedback from the 1st interview on board & actioned them within a short period of time to show that I understood what it took to get to the level I am today.

Each day I learn something new & have learnt a lot about myself along the way. It has only been a short journey up to now but I believe I am at the level I want to be at & have done everything I can to get here & my new journey begins.