Case Studies | Lisa Blake, Category Director

Lisa Blake, Category Director

I started my career journey with Speedy as a Depot Manager at Heathrow, way back in 1990. I very quickly fell in love with my job and was committed very early on to try and achieve the best I could. We didn't have all of the amazing training and career development support we now have, so a lot of what and how you learned was self-taught and on the job trained. I really enjoyed leading the small team we had, and in particular how their own careers developed. Initially I became a Regional Manager for West London in my first promotion and worked with some amazing people, some of who are still in the same region in more senior roles.

Soon after this I was promoted to Regional Director for our then new Survey business, again there was a lot of learning about the uniqueness of the category and the growing market. I learned a lot in this role about integration of acquisitions and asset management and was lucky enough to have a fantastic mentor. Some years after, we set up our Middle East business and the then UK senior team of our Power business moved over there to set up the business. This gave me the opportunity again to try something different. Our UK Power business had just done a few significant acquisitions and there was lots to do to stabilize the business operationally and harmonise all of our new colleagues into the Speedy family. The Operations Director role pushed me way out of my comfort zone but I knew with support around and the technical knowledge within the team, we could fix the then under achieving business. This role also led me to get involved with overseas shutdown, mainly in Kazakhstan of which I became a director of our IV Speedy Zholdas some years later.

My curiosity has been encouraged and questioning why things work the way they do has accelerated my learning and understanding of the hire industry. I am privileged to work for an industry leading company embracing change for the better. The graduate scheme is more than just a job after university, it provides a solid foundation for a challenging and exciting career.

Reflecting back over the past 32 years, I appreciate all of the opportunities I have been given and I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone when I did, as that's when I felt I learned the most. My current role of Category Director enables me to put all of what I have learned into use! It is a really exciting time in Speedy, the commitment to future proof our business with Apprentices and Graduates, management and leadership courses, is the best it has ever been. I am really excited to see how colleagues are progressing right now, and that the future senior leaders of this business are being created. As long as you work hard, are committed and loyal you too can have a great career here at Speedy.