Case Studies | Kiran Abid, Rotational Operations Graduate

Kiran Abid, Rotational Operations Graduate

My journey with Speedy started in September 2021. I have started off in a graduate role in operations which has been a great start to my career, as I have been able to work closely with those in more experienced positions which has allowed me to excel in the work I am set to do.

Every day is a new day for me as a graduate as I am meeting new people and participating in new projects, it never gets boring. The great thing about being on a rotational scheme is that I get to experience multiple parts of the business as well as participate in various projects along with meeting new people.

The people have most definitely been an amazing part and this experience so far has truly been amazing. I feel so grateful to be given this opportunity as a new graduate and being the future of Speedy. Speedy is a company that cares about its people, its customers and has a focus on sustainability along with many other things so it is great to be working for a company that has values that align with my own.

The support that is provided at Speedy is great and it really does feel like a family. They care about your well-being as a graduate and are with you every step of the way, therefore it is easy to build interpersonal relations which make you feel at home. I am excited to continue this journey and see what other amazing opportunities are in store for me.