5 Ways too Refresh Your Home 

Happy New Year! As we begin to welcome in 2022 and have been busy taking the Christmas lights down and putting the decorations away is your home looking a bit sad and unloved. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about refreshing your home from deep cleaning, fixing to decorating plans, with many of us looking at getting healthier and making personal resolutions it’s easy to forget about your home. 

January is the perfect month to get your ideas and creativity flowing and an opportunity to transform your interior space into an inspiring haven for you to relax and start the new year in. 

Read our blog to find out 5 ways to refresh your home in 2022 and be inspired to bring a new year of cleanliness and style to your home.


5 Ideas to Refresh your Home for the New Year    


Tip 1: Ready for a deep clean 

January is a great time to deep clean your carpets and stairs and remove any food, drink stains or dirt left over from those New Year’s Eve parties and guests to get your carpets looking as good as new again. Why not use a carpet cleaner for a more polished look and to get your carpets and stairs clean ready for a sparkling new year? To help you with your carpet cleaning please watch our how to use carpet cleaner safely and correctly video.

If your upholstery looking a bit worn a steam cleaner is a great way to remove any ground in dirt and harmful bacteria, providing fast, deep and hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals, keeping your fabrics looking fresh ready for the new year ahead.

If you haven’t tried professional steam cleaning, give it a go today, clean your couches and chairs ready to settle down and relax and plan out some more DIY jobs, but remember to always check furniture care instructions for the fabric first before steam cleaning.


Tip 2: Add some greenery

Do you miss looking at your pretty Christmas tree, why not bring the outside back into your home, with some additional greenery.  Add some indoor house plants and fresh herbs in pots, not only will they provide clean oxygen that pop of vibrant green colour will help to calm and boost your mood whilst adding some colour to your home.

Don’t forget to water your greenery as recommended on their care instruction label and start to watch your plants grow and flourish with a sense of achievement, add herbs to your cooking to enjoy some new year meals.


Tip 3: Add a splash of colour 

Are your walls looking a bit tired and in need of a refresh, why not add a fresh lick of paint, you don’t need to re-paint all four walls just one will enhance the look and feel of the room instantly.  There are plenty of colours and textures to choose from including matt, satin, pastel and neutral the choice is endless, and the choice is all yours, a new colour scheme will refresh your home.

Using a paint sprayer will help you get a smooth, even finish on the walls, leaving you free to plan for the year ahead.  For extra help please watch our how to use a paint sprayer video.

Adding some accessories or soft furnishings will compliment your new colour scheme too, choose from cushions, rugs, vases, picture frames to match your individual taste.  Instead of buying new items try swopping pieces you already have in your home from another room this will not only save you money it is also more sustainable.


Tip 4: Change window coverings

Use Changing your window coverings is a great way to refresh your home and can make a big impact on the look and feel of a room, choose from vibrant curtains to pretty voiles.  If your budget allows why not invest in roller blinds, vertical blinds, or wooden blinds they will provide enhanced privacy for that perfect finishing touch making the room feel warmer and cosier too.


Tip 5: Get fixing

Are your door frames or skirting boards loose, do you have woodwork in the house like stud walls or wall panelling in need of repair, the chances are you are going to need nails to hold it together. If that’s the case, then a second fix nail gun is the perfect tool for the job. If you have never used a nail gun before don’t worry watch our how to use a nail gun video for all the help and advice you need.


Speedy Tip: Keep materials and sharp tools out of children’s / animals reach, wear correct safety PPE equipment and remember to always check the operators and safety guidance before using any hire equipment.


Ready for more DIY tips and ideas?

Ready for more DIY tips and ideas? Keep checking back here for more inspiration and help for your DIY projects.


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