DIY Kitchen Ideas 

Are you fed up looking at the same old kitchen cupboards, is your kitchen looking a bit tired and in need of a makeover? When it comes to updating your kitchen--especially if you are working on a budget--it can be very daunting.

But with some creative ideas, it is possible that making some changes can have a big impact on your kitchen making it look and feel like new again. 

We’ve got some great kitchen ideas for you here at Speedy Services, so why not read our kitchen ideas guide to help get you started and find out how we can help bring out the inner DIY kitchen designer in you today? 


Idea 1: Refresh your kitchen cupboards  

If you are fed up looking at the same kitchen cupboards why not give them a refresh with a fresh colour of paint or combine two different colours for a unique effect, painting is a great and quick way to update your kitchen colour scheme and design. 

Wooden cupboard doors can be easily removed and may need to be sanded using a belt sander and treated before you can paint them. Using a paint sprayer will save you time, providing a smooth and even finish while adding a new splash of colour to your kitchen. Experiment with different paint colours and finishes and to complete the new look, fit new handles for an instant update.

Idea 2: Add stylish accessories   

Adding stylish accessories to your kitchen can bring a hint of glamour, from vases with fresh flower arrangements or lanterns for a more personal touch to enjoy dinners.

Other accessories to make your kitchen feel more homely table can include placemats and coasters, towels, oven gloves and chair cushions. With plenty of designs and colours to choose from including spots, stripes, metallic and flowers creating a new theme in the room and making a few changes can make a big style difference to your kitchen.


Idea 3: Update your tiled floor 

Do you have cracked floor tiles, or would you like to replace your tiled floor to match your décor and make the floor space feel like new again?  Remove existing floor tiles, using a floor tile lifter will make this job easier, a tile cutter will also help you to cut your tiles to fit your kitchen floor space.


Idea 4: Create a feature wall  

If you have limited time or budget to renovate your entire kitchen, why not create a feature wall instead either using a striking wallpaper design or a fresh coat of paint?  Feeling creative use stencils to make patterns on your painted wall when it has dried for a unique statement art piece.


Idea 5: Upcycle kitchen furniture

If you have wooden chairs and tables sand them down using a sanding belt and paint them to match your kitchen cupboards, replace chair cushions to match your décor.


Idea 6: Replace blinds and curtains 

Replacing blinds and curtains can add instant colour and texture to your kitchen as well as provide privacy. There are plenty of window dressing to choose from to match your room décor or create a contrast.


Idea 7: Add a tiled backsplash   

Create and design your very own tile splashback for an instant colour update to your kitchen, using a tile cutter will help you to cut your tiles to fit your design, don’t forget your adhesive and grout. With a variety of colours to choose from you can create the perfect backsplash for your new kitchen design.


Idea 8: Add new storage shelves

Does your kitchen have enough storage? Why not add some floating shelves using boards and an electric screwdriver and paint, display your favourite photos or add some greenery with some fresh herbs in pots which are also great for adding flavour to your favourite meals?

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