How to cut paving slabs with an angle grinder   

Would you like to renovate your garden with a new patio or paved area to sit and relax in with friends and family but find you need to cut paving slabs to fit your design? Learn how you can achieve your DIY goals today with our easy-to-follow guide on how to cut paving slabs with an angle grinder.


What tools do I need to cut paving slabs?

What PPE safety equipment do I need to use an angle grinder?

Planning & preparation before you start to use an angle grinder  


To ensure you get the best finish possible for your DIY project, please read our check list below including planning, preparation, and safety precautions to be carried out before you start cutting paving slabs with an angle grinder. 

Check 1: Check you have the right tools

You can hire an angle grinder from Speedy Services for cutting paving slabs, grinders are compact and lightweight which reduces operator fatigue. Their powerful design is ideal for cutting masonry and concrete making angle grinders an ideal choice for your DIY projects. Other tools you should have handy are listed above.

Check 2: Safety & PPE equipment

Keep materials and sharp tools out of children’s reach, wear correct safety PPE equipment as listed above before you start using an angle grinder. It makes sense to protect your eyes from the dust and stone chips so make sure you are wearing goggles.


How to cut paving slabs using an angle grinder  

Step 1: Setting up the angle grinder   

Set up the angle grinder and high-performance diamond disc cutting blade to make clean, accurate cuts in your paving slabs without any chips. Follow the product safety guidance and instructions before use.

Step 2: Mark the paving slab
Use a tape measure for measuring the space where your paving slab is going, use a pencil or chalk and mark the slab across the top and bottom face with cutting lines.

Step 3: Set up work surface correctly
After marking the paving slab, position it on a flat surface off the ground. Use a non-slip mat to hold in place during cutting or use a clamp to secure slab to your work surface. Alternatively position the slab on top of a step so that the part with the scored line is at the end and is hanging over.

Step 4: Time to get cutting  

  • Using the grinder cut along the marked line on the top side of your paving slab, start with a shallow surface cut adjusting depth of the saw until you reach about 1/2 to 1 inch.
  • Flip the slab over and repeat the same cutting process, until you have a clean break.
  • Do not force the blade. Let the machine do all the work!

Speedy Tip! Make sure everything has stopped spinning before placing the angle grinder down, this will prevent the blade from damaging your work surface.

Step 5: The final step   

  • Place the paving slab on your work surface and use a rubber mallet to tap the waste portion to break along the cutting line, your slab in now cut to size and ready to use.
  • Congratulations! you have now learned how to cut paving slabs and how to use an angle grinder, time to get creative!


Is there angle grinder hire available near me?

Yes, Speedy Services have a range of grinders available for hire nationwide, with various delivery and collection options available at affordable prices, grinder hire as never been easier.

You’ll find all the tools you need right here, why not start planning your next DIY project and open a Speedy account today online and instore.

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