How to Use a Dust Extractor - Correctly and Safely

Often when you have to sand, drill or cut something it can be really messy, leaving dust to float around in the air for days afterwards. But thankfully that is now a thing of the past, as you can hire this dust extractor from Speedy, the UK’s number one hire company.

Some of our dust extractors come with wheels and have an adjustable handle making it really easy to move, especially when you have a tool attached.

A couple of good things to remember when hiring from Speedy, all our hire equipment is checked, tested, cleaned and serviced before every hire and will come ready to go. You will also notice a folder attached to your hire product, these are the safety and operating instructions, please make sure you read these before you begin your job.



The first thing we are going to need to do is set up the dust extractor. To begin with we will need to remove the top, this can be done by unclipping the front and back clips the lid should then lift off revealing a bag and extraction pipe. Take the bag and unfold it placing it inside the body of the dust extractor, allowing the top of the bag to overhang the edges, just like you would do with a bin bag in a bin. Place the lid back onto the extractor and push down the front and back clips to create an airtight seal.



The next step will be to attach the extraction pipe. This can be done by removing the rubber hatch from the front of the extractor. This will reveal a hole where you can insert the end of the pipe, the other end of the pipe can then be connected to your compatible tool.



Any mains powered equipment you hire from Speedy can come with one of three different types of plug a UK standard domestic plug that can be plugged directly into any household socket. A yellow 110v plug that will require a transformer or a blue 240v plug that will require an RCD unit, but don’t worry whatever you require your Speedy Service Centre will provide you with everything you need to power up your equipment and no matter the shape or size of your transformer or RCD plugging it in will be exactly the same, simply lift the flap and push in the plug. 



You will notice on the front of the dust extractor is a 110v outlet, this will allow you to power a 110v tool.



To switch on the dust extractor simply turn the rotary switch on the front of the machine and leave it to collect dust whilst you get on with your job.



Once you’ve finished, you will need to turn the dust extractor off. Unclip the hose and lid and simply remove the bag.



You should never use a dust extractor without the bag as dust particles can cause damage to the circuitry on the dust extractor. It’s also essential that you remove and dispose of any waste you have collected accordingly, no waste should ever be sent back with your hire product.


If you have any issues with any of the products you hire from Speedy, just give your local Service Centre a call, as we are always happy to help, and remember to always check the safety guidance before you use any hire product.


Speedy Top Tip! Please watch our How-To Use a Dust Extractor Video


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