20m Diesel Artic Boom


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The Genie Z60/ 34 4x4 is designed for use in many different demanding construction and industrial tasks, equipped with an articulating boom with a jib. The unique dual riser is designed to save time when positioning the platform. The Z60-34 has excellent maneuverability therefore making it easier to access hard to reach areas on site. The Genie Z60/34 boom lift offers a working height of 20.40 metres, outreach of just over 11 metres and a up and over clearance of 8.3 metres therefore ideal for steel erection, general building construction and maintenance.

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Specification and product comparison

Decibel Reading: dB[A] 84 -- 70 -- -- -- -- -- --
Handrail Height: mm 19.39m -- -- 20.8m 24.6m -- -- -- --
Height 2.69m 1.95m 2m 2.72m 3m 2.7m 2.07m 2.25m 2.54m
Length 8.15m 4.1m 5.56m 9.42m 11.13m 9.28m 7.25m 6.15m 9.14m
Platform Height 18.39m 10.2m 13.87m 19.8m 24.38m 26m 15.5m 19.3m 19.38m
Platform Length 1.83m 0.76m -- 1.83m 2.44m -- -- -- --
Platform Size: mm 0.91x2.44m 0.65x1.1m 0.76x1.83m 0.91x2.44m 0.91x1.83m 0.9x2.4m 0.76x1.83m 0.7x1.5m 0.91x1.83m
Power Supply Diesel Diesel -- Diesel Diesel -- Diesel -- Diesel
Product Model Z60-34 -- Z45-25 S65 800AJ HR28 Hybrid SJ51AJ SD210 SJ63
Reach 11.05 6.1m 7.62m 17.1m 16.45m 19m 9.03m 12.8m 12.19m
Rotation Continuous 360deg -- Continuous Continuous -- -- -- --
Safe Working Load 227kg 200kg 227kg 227kg 230kg 280kg 227kg 225kg 227kg
Speed 3mph 2.2mph 3mph 3mph 3mph 3mph 5mph 4.7mph 4.5mph
Weight 10215kg 3470kg 6963kg 10449kg 16110kg 14650kg 7300kg 3950kg 10200kg
Width 2.46m 1.6m 1.79m 2.49m 2.49m 2.49m 2.29m 2.05m 2.44m
Working Height 20.39m 12.2m 15.87m 18.5m -- -- 9.75m -- 21.38m
Power -- -- Diesel -- -- Diesel/Battery -- Diesel --
Fuel Tank Capacity -- -- -- 132l 151l -- 64l -- 151l
Width: mm -- -- -- -- 2360 -- -- -- --
Working Height: m -- -- -- -- 14.75 -- -- 11.58 --

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