12m Bi Fuel Artic Boom Narrow


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The compact 12.2m Nifty HR12NDE with both battery and diesel power is the UK's most popular indoor/outdoor self propelled boom. Just 1.5m wide and under 3000kg the machine is easy to transport between sites

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Specification and product comparison

Height 1.9m 1.99m 2m 1.99m 2.1m 2.18m
Length 4.1m 6.4m 6.83m 4.93m 4.8m 6.62m
Platform Height 10.2m 13.5m 13.94m 15m 15.2m 18.8m
Platform Size: mm 0.65x1.10m 0.8x1.5m 0.76x1.83m 0.8x1.5m 0.85x1.5m 0.8x1.8m
Power Diesel/Battery -- -- Battery -- --
Product Model HR12NDE HR15NDE Z45-25J HR17N HR17 HR21 4x4
Reach 6.1m 9.7m 7.65m 9.7m 9.1m 13m
Safe Working Load 200kg 225kg 227kg 225kg 225kg 250kg
Speed 2.1mph 2.2mph 3mph 2.2mph 3.7mph 3.7mph
Weight 3435kg 7250kg 7394kg 7650kg 5000kg 6640kg
Width 1.5m 1.5m 1.79m 1.5m 2m 2.27m
Working Height 12.2m 15.5m 15.94m -- 26.38m 28m
Handrail Height: mm -- 14.87m -- -- -- --
Platform Length -- 1.83m -- -- -- --
Power Supply -- Bi-Fuel Diesel/Battery -- Diesel/Battery Diesel/Battery
Rotation -- 355deg -- -- -- --
Decibel Reading: dB[A] -- -- 78 -- -- --
Width: mm -- -- -- 740 -- --
Working Footprint: mm -- -- -- 2,260 x 2,060 -- --