HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, a form of renewable diesel that has been produced from vegetable fats and oils. Unlike regular biodiesel, hydrogen is used as a catalyst in the creation process instead of methanol.

It is a FAME-free and fossil-free environmentally-friendly alternative to mineral diesel with a wide range of OEM approvals for use in modern vehicles, generators, construction machinery and industrial power systems. It is also the perfect alternative fuel to red diesel.

HVO Fuel Key Facts

• Up to 90% reduction in harmful emissions

• All deliveries are carbon offset – at no extra cost to you

• Safer handling, reduced emissions and cleaner burning

• Stable, sustainable and renewable fuel

• Simply top up your existing stock and go

Available now at Speedy Services

HVO fuel provided by Speedy is our standard low emission fuel, it is the only HVO fuel approved for use in Speedy equipment.

It has been widely adopted in the UK as a drop-in diesel replacement by: centrally fuelled fleets both on-road, off-road, marine, and in back-up power applications where it helps to meet the new MCPD requirements.

HVO fuel is now available in a box, for more information download the flyer below or email

Green D+ FuelBox 

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