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Here at Speedy, we provide a range of battery and solar powered hybrid power solutions, for an array of applications.

So, whether you need to give power to on-site accommodation, or need to fully illuminate an entire site over winter, Speedy can work with you to find the right hybrid power solution ideal for your requirement.

Hybrid products can provide businesses and manufacturers with sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions which are easy to use.

They can also be an ideal solution for any remote and off-grid environments.


• EV chargers

• Solar pods

• Solar generators

• Battery storage units






The Solar Pod harvests the sun’s free energy to provide a sustainable power source by combining solar PV, battery storage, a back-up generator and a 400 litre fuel tank in a safe and secure self-contained unit.

Great for sites of all sizes, just one Solar Pod can power up to five accommodation units using its impressive power output of 50 - 60kVA.



A state-of-the-art sustainable power solution, great for remote sites such as construction, railway and roadworks. Using the Solar Hybrid Generator you’ll benefit from a reduction in CO2 emissions, reduced fuel costs, reduced noise pollution and reduced generator run time.

With every unit hired, as a combined package, customers will receive a smart Erica Energy management tool to provide real time monitoring and data capturing. 



Fully weatherproof electric vehicle chargers offering a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly way to charge your vehicle whilst on site.

These free-standing units can charge any electric vehicle through a single power output of 7kW to ensure fast and effective charging.



A smart energy storage and distribution system, designed to optimise the energy usage on your sites. It works by integrating with generators, the power grid or other power generation systems such as solar or wind - storing the excess power produced.

The unit’s intelligent system will then utilise the stored energy (60kWh) to provide power to various applications or to support supply.



A powerful, silent battery generator, the Hussh Pod 30/45 has a 30kw three phase inverter and 45kwh of useable stored power – enough to power most small to medium site applications.

It delivers reliable, clean, energy and can be combined with renewable and generator charging


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Please watch this video which highlights our hybrid power solutions set up including our

Stage V Retrofit Generators, BSU's, Hydrogen and the Erica System. 

The reduction in generator usage needed provides huge fuel savings and

environmental benefits, with noise reduction and lower CO2 emissions.




Our industry-leading battery storage units work alongside a single diesel generator to create a hybrid power solution. The battery system automatically controls the generator, minimising unnecessary run-time whilst delivering a constant power supply to any application.

The system can also help you drastically reduce fuel consumption, noise pollution and CO2e emissions, making them an ideal option for residential and public applications.

Speedy also has a selection of weatherproof EV chargers, solar pods, and solar generators available, if you’re aiming for a completely electrified system on-site.

Hybrid power solutions are great for a range of applications, whether you require something eco-friendly yet substantial and reliable, or need to use a solar generator on a remote site with no existing power supply.


• In-built 10 socket smart distribution panel allows the battery to control non-essential circuits turning them on/off to minimise site power demand and maximise battery capacity

 • Lithium-Ion battery pack allows quicker re-charging and drastically reduces total system weight

 • 7-inch touch screen control panel allows easy setup and customer system overview

 • Remotely programmable 7-day generator timer to minimise out of hours and weekend generator running

• Compatible with solar panels and other forms of renewables or alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen

• Lifting eye for easy unloading and site placement 


• Reduction in generator run time

• Lower fuel consumption and increased fuel efficiency

• Long periods of silent power, great for residential areas

• Reduced CO2e emissions of over 1 tonne per week on a typical site

• Site air quality improved through lower NOx emissions

• During generator servicing the battery can keep essential circuits such as computer systems live to avoid downtime



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