inteliPod Access Control Unit

inteliPod provides the pinnacle in site access, virus control and anti-contamination technology. This is all combined with the ultimate in time and attendance features. inteliPod forms a major part of the protection strategy of forward thinking organisations to combat virus control including cold, flu and Covid-19, helping organisation safeguard the health, safety and well being of there construction staff.

inteliPod allows entry on to site by touchless facial and body temperature scanning, eliminating the unwanted practice of shared cards, fobs or touch biometric units. The individual is assessed within one second, to ensure they are approved to enter site, that their body temperature is at a safe level and ensuring they are wearing PPE face mask.

inteliPod comes complete with its own CCTV, Intercom system and stand-alone network, delivered to any site ready for use once powered.

Thanks to the advanced technology capabilities at IPM Group, their state-of-the-art Virtual Management Solution allows them to manage physical surveillance tasks remotely from their Control Centre, reducing the need and cost for onsite security personnel.The inteliPod VMS offers a remote site solution that is a fully automated first point of contact for your site employees, visitors and deliveries. The VMS system will communicate all site safety critical events detected such as high temperature alerts, panic alarm activations, tailgating and low sanitising fluid levels straight through to our dedicated VMS team in the control centre for the necessary action to be taken.

Innovation that improves, safety, compliance and security on site whilst reducing your costs, when compared to standard access control and security systems.