Slips, trips and falls are hard to define as they are any incident in the workplace where there is a stumble or loss of balance for any external reason, this makes them a high priority on the health and safety agenda.

The main causes of slips, trips and falls in the workplace are:

Uneven floor surfaces, unsuitable floor coverings, wet floors, changes in levels, trailing cables, poor lighting, poor housekeeping.

  • Slip, trip and fall injuries cost the UK approaching 1 billion pounds per year.
  • In 2010 the HSE found that slips, trips and falls cost 40 worker fatalities on average annually. The latest stats available (13/14) show 42 fatalities from slips, trips and falls, eight of which were construction operatives equating to approx 20%.
  • In addition to 42 fatalities, the 2013/14 research found that there were over 1.5 million lost working days caused by slips, trips and falls, as well as over 57% of major/specified injuries and 36% of all reportable accidents.
  • In response to the growing concern about slips, trips and falls in the construction industry and other industries with a high rate of slips, trips and falls, the HSE launched its Shattered Lives campaign in 2010.
  • Ever since the campaign launched the HSE has been working hard to help raise awareness of the risks and help reduce the number of incidents caused by slips, trips and falls.

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