The Challenge

Speedy International was contracted to offload an oil rig from a large vessel and transport to the drill pad area for assembling.

But what do you do when all the lifting points on everything that had to be unloaded have no third party lifting point certification, and your team are working in over 45 degrees inside and on top of the vessel? 

The Solution

Rather than delay the project whilst waiting for a third party to travel to the island to inspect the lifting points, we decided it would be quicker and more effective to underslung everything that had to be lifted off the vessel. This avoided the lifting points having to be certified and meant work could continue. To combat the heat, our team worked in two groups for 15 minutes each, followed by 20 minutes rest. With a constant supply of cold water being delivered to the vessel and an air conditioned vehicle for them to use to cool themselves down, the team were able to complete the task quickly and safely.

Our Results

The client was appreciative of the effort we had put into providing a workable solution to keep the project on track. As a result we were awarded the next rig move on another artificial island, alongside increase hire orders.  The customer also now ensures that all the lifting points are certified prior to the rig/vessel being moved.