Speedy International Services

Whatever you need, Speedy International can deliver #Speedydoesit
No matter what the challenge, we can help provide the right solution.

At Speedy International, we pride ourselves on our ability to really know our customers. By understanding the diversity of your project requirements we can just the right solution, cost effectively and efficiently. And if the specific knowledge or know how required is outside of our immediate expertise, we source the right partner for the job, providing a one-stop solution to meet your needs.

We partner with some of the best providers in the business to ensure we can always fulfil our customers’ requirements. Each of our partners are carefully selected and monitored to ensure our service quality never compromised.
Service Overview

We work with you to ensure your project runs effectively, efficiently and safely at all times. Our full range of expert services includes:

  • Portable appliance testing
  • Lift plans and management
  • Technical and offshore training
  • Equipment supply
  • Manpower supply
  • Installation works
  • Logistics and material handling
  • Heavy lift services
  • Offshore accommodation
  • Facilities management
  • Asset management
  • Operation and maintenance contracts

To find out more about any of our services please contact us on +971 2 406 2600