Intelligent Environment

Speedy recognises the significant environmental challenges we all face in the UK and worldwide.

At Speedy we measure our carbon emissions and have done so for 10 years, achieving significant improvements in our performance. Our 'duty of care' for the environment is more than a statistical exercise however. Our aim is to make a real difference to our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our wider stakeholders. It is an approach that seems to be working, with our carbon footprint reducing (per capita) by 30% over 5 years.

2015 Carbon Footprint

Speedy Carbon Footprint Total Carbon Footprint = 23,404 (tonnes CO2)

Employees = 3,726 (average during 2015)* C02 emissions per capita = 6.28 tonnes.

Case study

The ultimate in waste recycling is Speedy’s relationship with Al-Futtaim Carillion (AFC) in the Middle East. Together we have created a great solution for the waste residue from drilling on the Zakum Development Company’s (ZADCO) flagship UZ 750 Project at Abu Dhabi’s Upper Zakum field, the fourth largest oil field in the world. Previously a waste product, the silt, sand and clay from the drilling process is now being used to produce bricks for the construction industry. This is a excellent use for what was formerly a waste product and shows how, with a little creativity, a waste product can be transformed into a raw material.

Our intelligent environment approach is supported by a range of environmentally efficient products, including our Green Option (GO) product range which addresses improved product performance across 7 categories:

  • energy efficient
  • resource efficient
  • waste reduction
  • water efficient
  • pollution prevention
  • noise reduction
  • nuisance avoidance