Speedy is proud to have been awarded Silver by Ecovadis, placing Speedy in the top 25% for sustainability with the business scoring highly for its efforts to reduce carbon emissions. We’ve also been graded B under the Carbon Disclosure Programme.

Here at Speedy, we have been awarded "ISS ESG Prime Status" as an ESG leader in Support Services. This is awarded to businesses which have an ESG performance above the sector-specific Prime threshold.

It shows we are being ambitious, proactive, and compliant in all areas of our ESG programme. Speedy has robust controls and processes in place, so we can make effective decisions and comply with relevant laws.

As well as our ISS ESG Prime Status as an ESG Leader, Speedy has also been presented with recent awards and made progress in our aims to be a leader in ESG governance.

Our full list of ESG Accreditations can be found on our website, where you can also download relevant policies and documents.



The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (UNSDGs) aim to create a more sustainable future for all, focusing on addressing poverty, inequality, climate change, peace, and justice.

Businesses also have a role to play. Corporate governance is vital, to ensure businesses are upholding integrity and legal compliance, and are playing their part in ensuring a brighter future.

Good corporate governance is about effectively supervising the management of a company to ensure rules are being followed at every level. There also needs to be a good relationship between shareholders and employees, and engagement between all levels of the business.

Speedy Hire has plans in place to be transparent, compliant, and maintain high standards. This is crucial for us as a publicly listed company. We work with leading industry certifications and accreditations in mind, to ensure best practices while maintaining the standards our people, customers, and supplier’s demand.



ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It covers a set of standards which measure your business's impact on society and the environment, and how transparent your business is with shareholders, employees, and customers.

Therefore, most businesses need to have an ESG strategy in place.



There are several reasons why having a suitable, transparent ESG strategy can be beneficial to your business.

On the surface, it ensures companies aren’t having a detrimental effect on the environment, social areas, and local communities, and benchmarks the standards of how decisions are made in terms of policymaking.

Businesses need to ensure how the company is run is transparent, and that everybody involved in the day-to-day of the business has a say in how everything is run. Environmental impact is vital too, to meet national and world targets on emissions and pollution.

But an ESG-compliant business can also be appealing to work for and to do business with, with many people actively seeking a company which matches their personal values, such as environmental and equality targets.

It can improve the company's reputation too, showing that you have a transparent plan and ethical business strategies.

Other companies can also find businesses with ESG targets attractive to work with. Research by Charles Stanley found that 48% of investors are looking to actively increase ESG investments.


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