Scaffolding is an essential piece of equipment for a huge range of construction projects across various sectors. Building companies specialising in many different types of work can utilise the equipment and it has a vital role to play in the safety of workers.

In some cases, scaffolding will be used for large-scale schemes to erect new buildings. While in some instances this may be a new housing development with properties consisting of two levels, it could also be towering commercial buildings several storeys high that take months to complete.

However, it is not just brand new projects scaffolding can be used for. It will often be used to support existing buildings - be they commercial or residential – and allow workers access to higher levels when they are being renovated or improved. In the case of very old premises this can often be for safety reasons.

This just goes to show how versatile scaffolding is and how many building enterprises may end up using it. This is why it is essential they are fully aware of all safety issues surrounding scaffolding and what they must do to keep everyone on site – as well as passers by and visitors – safe at all times.

If scaffolding is not erected correctly is can cause serious problems. Furthermore, employees and site managers must be fully aware of rules and safety issues regarding working at height, as this is one of the biggest causes of accidents in construction.

This guide will go into more detail about staying safe when working with scaffolding, as well as how Speedy can meet all of your scaffolding needs to ensure your building project goes off without a hitch.

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