On a building site, the company carrying out the work and the site managers have a legal responsibility to look out for the safety and wellbeing of their employees, managing any possible risks and overseeing the project to identify potential areas of danger.

However, that is not to say construction employees do not have to look after their own safety and wellbeing when at work. After all, it is they who ultimately know whether they have the skills and training to carry out a task that has been given to them, even if it is up to management to ensure it is planned properly, the equipment has been checked and the project is completed in the most risk-free way possible.

This guide will outline some of the things construction workers need to consider when they are on a building site, as well as detail their responsibilities and discuss how they can work together to look out for each other's safety.

There are four main pieces of information employees should check they are provided with before they begin a job. The first is that they are given a suitable induction to the site by their superiors and are informed of all health and safety matters. If there is anything a worker is unsure of, they should speak up – their wellbeing is not something to be taken lightly and having a full understanding of health and safety procedures could mean the difference between completing a job well and being injured.

Similarly, proper information and training needs to be given for particular jobs being carried out that may involve specialist tool hire, as well as the specific risks that are associated with the task and any extra precautions needed for safety reasons.

Workers also need to have a full understanding of the rules of the site and the emergency procedures they may need to follow if anything should happen. While it is the responsibility of the site manager to convey this information, workers must remember that they have to step forward if they are unsure about anything or have any enquiries.

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