A ‘golden’ performance in the corporate responsibility field has secured Speedy a prestigious accolade from Business In The Community (BITC), it was revealed.

The UK’s largest equipment rental and services company has positioned itself alongside some of the biggest and best company names, thanks to its impressive showing in the BITC’s Corporate Responsibility Index 2012.

The index, set up by BITC, aims to ‘challenge and support companies to integrate responsible business practice.’

It confirms that the brand has improved its rating from silver to gold, coupled with a score of 88 per cent in 2011 to 92 per cent today.

The result establishes Speedy’s position as a leading company in understanding the relationship between transforming business practices and operating sustainably.

Speedy’s head of brand marketing Dan Walmsley said: “This is fantastic news for the business and underlines the significance we place on positively managing our commercial, social and environmental impacts.

“This result proves that we are getting things right, so it is wonderful to be endorsed in this way.

“Our rating will also please our customers, supporting them in their requirements to have a sustainable supply chain.”

Dan added that the company’s impressive corporate responsibility rating endorses One Plan – Speedy’s sustainability programme to help it and its customers and suppliers operate more efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

“One Plan reflects our belief that sustainable, responsible business practice is not a separate activity. It is part of the fabric of our business and central to our business principles.”

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