Why Choose Battery Site Lighting?

You know that site lighting is essential in Winter . From increasing visibility during those crucial morning/evening hours, to improving health and safety when working, artificial lighting will be needed whatever type of work you do.

But they can also be essential year-round overnight, to deter break-ins and vandalism. So, if you’re in charge of ensuring a site is safe, practical, and secure, you need to brush up on your site lighting options.

Here at Speedy, we have a huge range of battery-powered lighting towers available. If your site is trying to meet low carbon emissions targets, keep costs low and generally be a bit ‘greener’, battery power may be the option for you as they can be more efficient, compact and quieter than diesel lighting.

Speedy are proud to be the only UK hire destination for Milwaukee’s MX FUEL™ range, which is fully battery-powered and gives powerful results.


The MX FUEL™ Lighting Tower currently has good availability across our depot network and is one of the most reliable, innovative options on the market.





Why Choose Battery Tower Lighting?

Battery power isn’t always seen as the traditional option on construction sites, whether we are talking about lighting, tools or even vehicles. But it is becoming increasingly popular.


  1. The battery allows placement flexibility

Sites rarely have power set up and ready to use when you move in. Cue hiring generators, with wires trailing all over the place, increasing the need for further health and safety measures.

Battery power requires no wires or additional power sources. They’re independent and can be placed wherever they are required without being tethered to a particular power source or cable.

Dedicated outdoor tower lighting is still perfectly safe to use in all weather, too. The MX FUEL™ Tower Light can withstand up to 55 km/h of wind and the battery box is sealed.

And if you are placing your light near an existing power source, the MX FUEL™ Tower Light can work in AC power mode too, offering maximum flexibility. When in this power mode, it will even charge your spare battery, thanks to the built-in MX FUEL™ charger.


  1. Battery power can help keep additional costs down

As above, you don’t need generators or power cables. Of course, you may be thinking that your current petrol lighting also gives you this freedom.

However, with petrol lighting, you need to buy the fuel, which is ever-changing in price and a constant additional extra. You also need to store the fuel. And keep the fuel in good condition so it is ready to use. Then, when the light runs out of power, you need to refuel before you’re good to go again, causing downtime.

Battery lighting comes as one unit, with the light and battery all in one. With the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ Lighting Tower, which is exclusively available to hire from Speedy, you get the battery and charger with the tower light and can hire additional batteries separately.

Keep the spare batteries charged, so you’re ready to swap them out instantly when needed. You can have up to 10 hours of runtime on a single charge (on light usage), easily enough for a full day of work in winter.

When work is finished, you don’t have any fuel left over either. If you’ve hired your tools and lighting from Speedy, simply off-hire them and all your hired extras back to us, minimising storage headaches until the next job starts.


  1. Battery matches traditional fuel in terms of power output

A decade or so ago, when battery tools were coming onto the market, they weren’t as powerful. You certainly couldn’t use them for site work. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Battery power now matches (and in some cases outperforms) the leading traditional fuel options on the market. You get reliable, bright lighting, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.

Milwaukee’s MX FUEL™ range is the perfect example of this, with products specifically designed and manufactured to rival traditional fuel. The MX FUEL™ Lighting Tower as up to 27,000 lumens in AC and up to 20,000 lumens in DC mode for both task and area lighting.

Fossil fuels are also being phased out. Get ahead of the trend and switch to battery power now to future-proof your business.


  1. No fuel? No fumes

Petrol and diesel power can mean fumes, as well as noise. Battery-powered tools and extras are often virtually silent, commonly falling into European Noise Regulation  limits for use in environments such as hospitals and residential areas. Crucially, they give off no smells or fumes either. One less thing to worry about.

SPEEDY TOP TIP: It is still recommended that you wear ear protection when on a site and handling battery-powered equipment

Petrol also causes damage to the environment, emitting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitric Oxide (NOx) gases into the atmosphere. Battery-powered tools and equipment produce zero emissions when they’re running, meaning it is easier to hit your eco targets on-site and also safer for your colleagues.


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