Pre-Christmas Cleaning Checklist 

You probably have a daily and weekly cleaning chore list in your home. Maybe even some monthly or seasonal tasks, too. But with Christmas decorations and the festive season around the corner comes new challenges.

They’re a bit dusty having been in the loft for a year. You suddenly can’t vacuum a large section of your floor because stuff is in the way. Not to mention the gifts you’re trying to hide from people taking up valuable storage space.

So, if you’re planning a final top to bottom big clean before the tree goes up, here are five areas you may have forgotten about which will give you a stress-free life when the time comes to get everything ready.


  1. Clean the windows

If you're sticking decorations to the windows (for both you and the neighbours to enjoy), the windows need to be clean. This will help everything to stick and will also ensure your display looks perfect.

Use one-part distilled vinegar to 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle. Wipe with a microfibre cloth or some kitchen paper. This should give you a streak-free finish. Just ensure everything is dry before sticking decorations.

The moisture build-up is also an issue in winter. Cold outside and warm inside conditions mean a build-up of condensation, which can cause damp and mould if not treated properly. Use a dehumidifier if your windows are quite old and condensation is really an issue.


  1. Vacuum under the beds

When was the last time you vacuumed underneath your bed? Even though the carpet isn't open to the elements as such, a surprising amount of dirt can still end up there. So, make use of the attachments and long handheld hose on your vacuum cleaner to reach under.

  • SPEEDY TOP TIP: Have guests come to stay? Tackle the spare room first as it will likely have been neglected for longer!

Even better, pull the bed out if you can. The skirting boards and wall will need some attention, too. Don't stop at the bed, either—the sofa and other furniture can also be moved for a deep carpet vacuuming.


  1. Dust away the cobwebs

They are probably not cobwebs per se, but they certainly look like them. We are talking about those long dangly bits of dust high up above radiators and in the corner of ceilings. With your central heating now coming on more often, the dust can rise and build up.

Use a vacuum to get them down, or simply a feather duster. Ones with extendable handles are available, and they will capture all the dust. Then, vacuum afterwards to get any dust which fell and settled at ground level.


  1. Dust behind the radiators

On the subject of radiators, a surprising amount of dust can get trapped in them. Again, use a feather duster to trap it all. You may have to buy one which is especially skinny if your radiators are an odd shape.

Vacuum cleaner attachments for radiators are also available. Again, the spare room will likely see a lot of dust build-up here, especially if the radiators are off if the room is not used until guests arrive.


  1. Deep clean the bathroom

Not what you want to do during the holidays, so give everything a deep clean now so you only have to wipe everything down before you go to bed every night.

Unless you are lucky enough to have an en-suite or more than one bathroom, guests will have to use it too. So, while you may be able to ignore dirt, they might not.

A steam cleaner will get floors and tiles sparklingly hygienic, without the need for chemicals or cleaning products. You can also use handheld attachments to clean grout, bathroom sealant and around taps. Pour some toilet cleaner into the toilet around the rim and use a bathroom cleaner spray everywhere before wiping down.

  • SPEEDY TOP TIP: Clean the bathroom after someone has had a shower or bath. The steam will have already budged some of the everyday dust and dirt!

Some forgotten spots in the bathroom include behind the tap, behind the toilet, and in storage drawers. Pay particular attention here.




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