HVO fuel is now available to buy from Speedy Services, and you can get it delivered nationwide by Ordering Online Here. But what’s unique about HVO diesel? Why is it an effective alternative fuel source? 

What is HVO Fuel?

HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and it can be used as a form of renewable diesel, mainly in the agricultural and construction sectors. It is a biodiesel fuel alternative that’s FAME-free, fossil-free, and environmentally-friendly. Thus, it is an excellent eco fuel substitute for red diesel or mineral diesel, as it can be used with a wide range of OEM approvals in: 

  • Modern vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Generators
  • Construction machinery 
  • Industrial power systems

What are the benefits?


The positive impact of using HVO fuel can be seen almost instantly:

  • Lower Emissions – Up to a 90% reduction of harmful substances
  • Ordering Online Here - Biofuels like HVO last longer in the tank than mineral or red diesel
  • Easy Switch – Compared to regular diesel, HVO delivers the same performance, uses the same tanks, is stored the same way, and is competitively priced
  • Eco-Friendly Deliveries – We offset all carbon associated with your order, free of charge
  • Convenience of Speedy – It’s simpler with us; all you have to do is top-up to reorder


Moving forward, you could expect see the following from using a biofuel like HVO:

  • Safer Performance – The high quality of alternative fuels can give you better handing and stability of vehicles, as well as a cleaner burn
  • Improved Site Air Quality – Biofuels are likely to improve the working environment for your staff
  • Better Brand Image – HVO biodiesel can significantly reduce your annual carbon footprint, improving brand image and making your company more attractive to customers and investors

These are just some of the reasons why HVO is Speedy’s standard low-emission eco fuel! There’s more information on HVO Fuel Here, and you can order now by submitting a contact form or by Contacting Us.

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