Welcome to our brand new website for the Speedy 2016 Catalogue! 

With a brand new website comes a brand new blog designed to help you get the most from our catalogue, offer you handy tips and advice, and keep you up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

In our very first blog, we’re going to introduce and explain to you a term you might have started hearing more and more in the industry – BIM.

So what is BIM?

BIM is short for Building Information Modelling. It is a method of creating, sharing and storing project information in a digital format whilst also offering graphical representation of projects before their execution. It offers those in the engineering and construction industries a unique advantage, as whole operations can be designed and managed from start to finish with all graphical and non-graphical information to hand. 

Let’s break down and look at what BIM means further:

  • Building - BIM refers to the information modelling for a building, including all of the geometry and data for architectural and structural design
  • Information - Every building model is accompanied by a wealth of associated performance measurements, values, and facts
  • Modelling - This can mean a lot more than just geometric modelling (using CAD software), as a building information model can let you navigate and experience your project in a 3D environment

Government Construction Strategy

In 2011 the Government Construction Strategy (GCS) mandated the use of Level 2 BIM on all public sector projects by April 4th 2016. 

The initial requirements set out in the GCS for BIM aim to set the UK apart from the rest:

  1. 33% reduction on the whole life costs
  2. 50% faster delivery (cradle to grave)
  3. 50% lower emissions (cut down on carbon)
  4. 50% improvement in exports (more built in Britain)

BIM is already in use in two of the county’s biggest Government funded projects in the last 100 years - HS2 and Crossrail. 

What do Speedy provide in relation to BIM?

  • Speedy are the first UK hire company in the construction industry to develop a BIM Library of its hired temporary works assets (plant and equipment)
  • These BIM models can be downloaded via the BIM Store and the Speedy BIM Shelf Technical data is attached to each model and comprises technical specifications supplied by the manufacturers
  • The 3D model of the asset highlights clearance zones, working heights, platforms height/extension
  • Each model is available in .DWG, .REVIT, .IFC, 3D Studio Max formats

We hope this gives you a good introduction to what BIM is, how it is used, and how Speedy can help you incorporate Speedy hire assets into your plans.

For more information on Speedy and BIM see click here or email  us at BIM@speedyservices.com.  You can also visit our BIM Store shelf here

Be sure to check our BIM Store, as we will be working with our suppliers to increase this range of BIM ready assets over the coming months.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, where we will offer more handy tips, advice and information.


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