Can I Mow Wet Grass?

If you’re reading this, chances are that the British weather has put a halt to your gardening plans. Whether you’ve had a rain shower, or there is dew from low temperatures, wet grass has scuppered your plans to mow the lawn.

It is generally not recommended to mow wet grass. When grass is wet, the blades can clump together and clog the lawnmower blade, which is unsafe for the user and could damage the lawnmower, too.

You should also never mix power tools or garden equipment with water. When using electrical or battery-powered items, always stay away from damp or wet areas.

Wait until your grass has dried before hiring a lawnmower to mow your lawn. We have a range of professional-standard lawnmowers available to hire at Speedy, along with other gardening tools.

Always remember to wear PPE when using a lawnmower. Eye protection, gloves, and safety boots are all required.




Why it isn’t recommended to cut wet grass

There are several reasons why mowing a wet lawn is not recommended.

When grass is wet, it can start to clump together when mown. Grass clumping is bad for the mower blade, as the grass will stick, making it less effective.

The damp grass can also clump and be left on the lawn where you have mowed, rather than being collected by the mower, which means your lawn can be smothered unless you’re prepared for a big clean-up job.

This can also be dangerous for the user, as the lawnmower is struggling. You may find it hard to push the lawnmower along the grass. The safest way to use a lawnmower is by pushing slowly forward in strips along the grass, but a struggling mower will be hard to move.

Don’t continuously stop mowing the grass to clean the blade. Cleaning the blade should only be done when you’re finished mowing, and the lawnmower is unplugged/the power is off. Always wear thick gloves when cleaning a blade as they are sharp.

If the clumps of grass become stuck in the lawnmower, it could overheat, again causing damage to the machine.

The lawnmower will also find it difficult to cut wet grass. The grass is easiest to cut when it is dry, and the blades are standing upright. When they are wet, the weight of the water pushes them down. So, the blade of the mower won’t be able to make contact with these blades of grass.

If your lawn is saturated, the wheels of the lawnmower could also churn up the ground, causing mud tracks and an uneven ground surface. This could be difficult to repair.

So, to summarise, a lawnmower won’t be able to cut weighed-down grass blades, and those it can cut will likely clump around the blade, resulting in an uneven cut, damaged lawn, and potential damage to your lawnmower.



Why should I only cut dry grass?

Always wait until your grass has dried before attempting to cut. Even professional-standard mowers which are available to hire from Speedy will struggle with long wet grass.

There are no benefits to cutting wet grass. It likely won’t go without a hiccup and could cause long-term damage to both your mower and the grass.

Waiting a few days for the grass to dry before mowing is always recommended.

If you have to cut some grass, say because you have a dog who needs to use the lawn, use a manual method such as shears. Wear PPE.



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