10 Tips & Tricks for Using a Carpet Cleaner


Unfortunately, even if you vacuum every single day from the second your new carpets are laid, they aren’t ever going to be as clean as new.

Dirt from shoes and pet feet, dust and dander, and allergens such as pollen can all become embedded into the carpet fibres when it is walked on. Unfortunately, vacuum cleaners have to be really, really good (and expensive) to have the suction power required to lift every single bit of small, microscopic debris, especially in deep pile carpets.

And this is another point--so much of the dirt in your carpet is microscopic, too, in the form of bacteria. So, it is a really good idea to use a carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpets once or twice per year.

Not only can this remove the ground-in dirt, but it will also clean your carpet. Necessary especially if you have light-coloured carpet and can tell there’s a visible difference between the heavy traffic areas and those untouched under furniture.

If you are hiring a carpet cleaner, there are several benefits. You don’t need to store it when not in use, saving you valuable space. It is cheaper to hire a carpet cleaner over a week and clean your home, rather than spending hundreds of pounds on buying one.

Carpet cleaners available to hire are also often more powerful than those available to buy at the lower end of the price scale, so they will do a much better job.

So, if you’re going to hire any appliance or power tool, you’re going to want to get the most out of it during your hire time.


Getting the most out of your carpet cleaner

Below, we go into some carpet cleaner tricks to help you get the most out of your appliance. If this is your first time using one, take a look at our guide on how to use a carpet cleaner.,


1. Clear the room

There’s no point just cleaning the high-traffic areas on show. When you pull out furniture, the carpet underneath may look clean, but it is still worth cleaning it, because so much dirt embedded into the carpet is invisible, including dust.

You may as well clean right up to every corner and edge of the room. One large clean is easier than regular small cleans.


2. Vacuum first

You don’t want the carpet cleaner to pick up anything which may be directly on top of the carpet, such as dried dirt, small stones, or pet hair. This could clog up the hose and tank.

So, vacuum first. This will mean the brush and solution also come into direct contact with the dirt that needs attention. Remember, you’re trying to reach what a vacuum cleaner can’t.


3. Use the correct solution

In a carpet cleaner, you need to use both water and a carpet cleaner solution for proper stain removal. Most makes and models will have a dedicated solution which will perform at the best possible level.

If you hire the Karcher Puzzi 100 Carpet Cleaner from Speedy Services, there are dedicated cleaning tablets available which will give you a precise dosage and are suitable to use on all carpets and textiles. There are also liquid alternatives from the brand available.

Other brands are also available. Vax solutions are specially formulated to produce no excessive foam, for instance. Speedy Services also sell a carpet cleaning solution which is compatible with all cleaning machines.

Remember to adhere to any safety instructions included in the Directions for Use section of the product label.


4. Spot test

Always try your carpet cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area first. This checks for colour fastness and any issues with the material of your carpet. While it is highly unlikely something will go wrong, you’re best to be safe.


5. Pre-treat

If this is your first time cleaning a carpet which has been fitted for a while, use a pre-treatment solution to shift as much of the dirt as possible before the water starts to be applied. Just spray it on, leave for the time mentioned on the bottle, and carpet clean as normal.

You can also apply it directly to a stained area.


6. Deal with spills ASAP

If you have your carpet cleaner to hand, suck up as much of the spill as possible immediately. Then, clean it with a solution. This will stop the spill from getting too far into the fibres or staining.

If you’re hiring your carpet cleaner, use paper towels and cloths to soak up as much of the spill as possible first. Then, once dried, you can use a hand shampoo to try and budge some of the staining. You can hire carpet cleaners for just one day from Speedy Services, which is ideal if you have spills.


7. Plan your route

This way, you know where you are going and know where you can walk to avoid the wet carpet, too. Try to start at the corner furthest away from the door and work towards the door.

You should work in parallel lines, allowing a small overlap on each line to prevent any marks or streaks.


8. Go slowly

Give yourself plenty of time to get the job done. Rushing it will mean your carpet won’t get as clean as possible and will also become oversaturated with water which you aren’t sucking up enough again.

Use more dry strokes than wet (that is, go over your carpet more when drying than when wetting). Carry on with dry strokes until no more water is being lifted.


9. Don’t stop at carpets

Stairs, sofas, chairs and even your car seats. With a hose and handheld attachment, there is no need to only clean your carpets. Dust and dirt can also settle and embed on any of these areas, so if you can’t take it down and pop it in the washing machine, why not clean it with a carpet cleaner instead?

Always spot test before you clean upholstery.


10. Keep the airflow going

It is best to clean your carpets in the summer months. Leave windows and doors open, which will speed up the drying process. As long as you haven’t oversoaked the carpets, they should be dry in an hour or two.

If doing this in the winter, and opening your windows is impractical, turn the heating on. You may also want to hire a carpet dryer to speed this process up, which can come in handy if you have kids and pets and need to use the room again ASAP.



Yes. Speedy Services, the UK's leading tool hire company, have carpet cleaners for hire nationwide. Speedy has more than 200 service centres across the nation, hire counters in selected B&Qs and nationwide 4-hour delivery.

This means that emergency spills can be dealt with ASAP, and you can also hire carpet cleaners for a weekend or full week if you’re tacking the whole house. Hiring a carpet cleaner around your lifestyle has never been easier.

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