How to Change a Cut-Off Saw Disc on the Hilti DSH 600-X

In the below guide, we will go through how to safely and properly change the disc blade on your Hilti DSH 600 X Cut Off Saw.

Cut-off saws are great tools to utilise for cutting jobs, as their blades can be changed to suit the material which is being cut.

Thankfully, changing the disc of a cut-off saw is a relatively easy task. We are going to use the Hilti DSH 600 X as an example, and show you how to change a diamond cutting disc and an abrasive disc.

The Hilti DSH 600 X can achieve the wet or dry cutting of asphalt, mineral construction materials or metals using diamond cut-off wheels or abrasive cut-off wheels. You can read more about it here.

Before you change the disc or blade of any cutting tool, always ensure it is turned off at the power source and on the tool.

Always use suitable, dedicated cutting discs; fitting the wrong parts could lead to losing control of the tool and injury.

As you will have to hold the cutting disc while fitting, wear thick work gloves. You should wear full PPE when dealing with all power tools and equipment, including eye protection, too.

Please watch the video on Hilti DSH 600-X Diamond Disc vs Abrasive Disc exchange below:


Cut-Off Saw Disc Exchange: Step By Step Guide

  1. Insert the locking pin into the hole in the drive belt cover. Slightly rotate the cutting disc until the pin connects
  2. Release the securing screw by turning counter clockwise with a wrench. Remove both the screw and washer
  3. Remove the locking pin, clamping flange and the cutting disc
  4. Clean the clamping and centring surfaces on the tool and the cutting disc
  5. The next step depends on your chosen disc:

Use only the large flange to secure the abrasive cutting disc

Use the small flange with diamond-cutting discs

  1. Place the cutting disc with a centring collar on the drive arbour. The direction-of-rotation arrow on the cutting disc must match the direction of rotation indicated on the tool
  2. Place the clamping flange and washer on the drive arbour. Tighten the securing screw by turning it clockwise with a wrench
  3. Insert the locking pin in the locking hole and turn the cutting disc until the locking pin engages
  4. Securely tighten the clamping screw (tightening torque: 25 Nm)
  5. Remove the locking pin


After fitting a new cutting disc, run the cut-off saw at full speed under no load for approximately 1 minute.

Always wear PPE when operating power tools and machinery. You should wear eye protection, ear protection and safety boots when operating a cut-off saw. You should also wear respiratory protection if you anticipate dust and debris.

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