Traffic on construction sites, and indeed other sites such as festival and event set ups, can unfortunately cause injuries and even deaths. The law states that you must allow both foot traffic and vehicle traffic to have individual access and road routes around site.

This keeps them separated, and should increase safety. Rules still need to be followed by those on site however, so there is still personal responsibility. Workers and visitors must be made aware of the rules around traffic on site as soon as they enter, whether verbally or by signs.

Our wide range of Site and Traffic equipment has exactly what you need to keep the partygoers happy and your site secure.

Managing Sites

Managing teams on building and construction sites? We have the ideal solutions for you!

Speedy’s pedestrian barriers make easy work of difficult site separation, and helps to direct and cordon off traffic. Use between paths and roads, or to define roads, and also for any areas which need to be cordoned off if they aren't safe for people to walk through.

If your site is in the middle of a road and you need to manage vehicle traffic, traffic lights can save your team from having to use paddles or manually control the flow. They may even be a necessity if the road layout will have to change.

For those big operations, you’re going to need some serious power. Equipment, lighting and possibly heating or cooling appliances, all need a steady supply to keep the work turning over. Speedy has you covered, offering an enviable range of compressors and generators (even hybrid and canopied generators!) to ensure you get the job done on time.

Managing Events

Events can range from huge festivals attended by thousands of people, to local village fetes on a Bank Holiday weekend. Either way, the safety and security of those attending and working on the site is paramount.

When you’re organising an event, the proper management of your area is crucial. Attendees need to be contained and kept secure, using crowd control barriers. These can be used to separate areas at a stage, or to define queues for food or ticket checks. You will also need to use barrier fencing to define the area of your event (and keep out anyone who shouldn't be there, such as non-ticket holders).

Using hoarding is a good idea for any private areas, such as medical sections, VIP areas or site offices, which non-approved public do not have access to. A set of noise control barriers may also be helpful if you are having your event in a residential area.

Vehicles need to be safe in a designated parking area. These might be delivery vehicles or buggies which transport those with medical issues around the site. Again, use fencing to keep them separated from the crowd and define their roads, but also bear in mind you will need vehicle gates.

If you’re hosting the sort of event with multiple areas and linked fencing, the last thing you want to happen is for your fences to blow over. For this we would highly recommend corner feet or anti-trip feet. This can help secure a level and steady array of fencing for events of any size.

Will your event be running late into the night? Whether it’s for partygoers or an evening conference, let Speedy light the way. With dozens of different lighting towers available, you’ll find the perfect fit to keep your event bright throughout the night!


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