One is a decibel defying crowd pleaser, the other is an event organiser’s indispensable item - and both Speedy products have now been shortlisted for a prestigious industry award.

Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of equipment rental and support services, has been given the ultimate endorsement for its innovation, with its ‘acoustic barrier’ and ‘emissions buster’ products gaining national recognition.

Both items of equipment are on the shortlist to win the National Outdoor Events Association’s (NOEA) ‘Event Innovation of the Year Award.’

Speedy’s emissions buster has been used at a number of festivals and shows across the UK and has received praise from revellers and residents alike for significantly reducing generator noise during the night.

The stand-alone unit, ideal for use alongside any generator, lowers carbon output by automatically sensing the load on a diesel generator and switching between battery and diesel power accordingly.

Based on a 10kVA generator, the end result is up to £2,500 worth of fuel savings per year and a massive 22 per cent reduction in carbon footprint.

Richard Harmer, director of EPS, said: “EPS has used Speedy’s emission busters with our LED lights for campsites. This is an absolute winner with the onsite health and safety due to no cabling trip hazards emissions from fuel generators and noise levels.”

Speedy’s acoustic barrier product has also been shortlisted for the NOEA innovation prize, in a double success story for the brand.

The piece of technology lowers noise generated by generators and static event equipment by up to 27 decibels, offering sound barrier and sound adsorption qualities which can be fixed to fence panels, hoarding and scaffolding.

The barriers are a quick and cost effective means of controlling noise from all types of equipment.

Speedy sector manager leisure, Neil Page, said the recognition for Speedy’s two products underlined the strides the brand had made in innovation.

He said: “We are delighted to be shortlisted for an award that we have kept a keen eye on for some time.

“We feel that we have two products that boast a number of benefits for the end user, underpinned by outstanding innovative concepts.

“Continued innovation and developing equipment and services to support our customer’s needs remain a focus for Speedy.

“In addition to this, managing environmental impact is a key industry issue and we share the responsibility to help customers reduce energy cost and carbon emissions – now and for future generations.”

The NOEA Awards will take place on Thursday March 22, where Speedy is also the official Friendly Event of the Year category sponsors.

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