The Different Types of Skip

Hiring a skip is ideal when you’re going to have a lot of rubble, waste, and debris to get rid of. It will save you from multiple car trips to the local council tip and will prevent waste from building up in your yard until it can be disposed of in your general waste bin.

Skips are commonly used during house renovations, garden makeovers and when having a clear out of storage areas, such as the attic or garage. However, it isn’t just a case of hiring a skip and throwing anything and everything inside.

General waste skips, which hold black bin bags of rubbish, are available. But you may require a specialist skip if getting rid of hazardous waste, green waste or building materials. Often, products destined for these skips can’t be put into a general waste skip, as they need to be disposed of in controlled circumstances.



Why do I need to hire the correct skip?

The contents of a skip will be recycled as much as possible; it is just your skip hire company which takes care of this, rather than yourself.

A skip will be sent to a waste management facility, where everything will be removed and dealt with separately. Specialist skips, such as those containing builders’ rubble or hazardous waste, will have to be sent to a dedicated facility. This is why contents are often separated.

For businesses, recycling rates and environmental objectives are of the utmost importance. The same applies to any individuals hiring a skip for personal use. Skips help both you and the skip hire company to segregate waste into the correct disposal methods, helping reduce waste and increase recycling potential.

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What are the different types of skip?

This may be a case of hiring a standard skip and then declaring what will be going into the skip. Or certain skip hire companies may have dedicated skips depending on content.

When hiring a skip, if you’re unsure about which you’d need or what you can put in them, do ask Speedy Services before you book.


Mixed construction and rubble

Commonly referred to as builders skips. They’re designed to hold the waste from home renovations and kitchen or bathroom refits.

These items can’t always be recycled, but they do need to be disposed of in the correct way which reduces any potentially hazardous risks. You will be limited on the size of skip you can hire from all skip hire companies for builders’ rubble.

This is because the contents are often quite heavy by themselves, so loading a skip up full of this rubble can result in a very heavy skip. It is a legal safety requirement to have a weight restriction in place, which will allow the HGV to lift the load without endangering any person or item.

Ideal for:

  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Plasterboard
  • Garden paving or patio slabs

Garden waste

Green waste can be added to compost piles. As long as there is the correct mix of brown and green waste and additional requirements such as heat, compost is quite easy to make. It is just a case of everything breaking down naturally.

This is much better for the environment than adding it to a general waste skip or bin. Depending on how much green waste you have, you may only require a skip bag, but complete garden overhauls may need a small skip.

Ideal for:

  • Leaves
  • Grass cuttings
  • Branches
  • Brambles
  • Weeds

Soil is one thing which cannot be added to a green garden waste skip, as it is a material which cannot be composted. This includes soil from your garden and will also include old turf.


General waste

These are often called midi or maxi skips, depending on the size of the skip needed and how many black bags will need to be disposed of. Smaller sizes are good for spring cleaning jobs, or small DIY tasks. The larger sizes are better if you’re getting rid of bulky home products.

Ideal for:

  • Food
  • Household waste
  • Black bag waste
  • Household furnishings (such as carpets and other décor)
  • Paint tins


Hazardous waste

These are enclosed skips. They are useful for sites where the contents of the disposed of items will be sensitive, or if the waste is contaminated or potentially hazardous.

The contents will be taken to a dedicated hazardous waste plant and dealt with safely.

Ideal for:

  • Chemicals
  • Tyres
  • Car batteries
  • Explosives
  • Gas cylinders

Some skip hire companies also state you can add small appliances, such as microwaves and toasters, to a hazardous waste skip. Large appliances and white goods are commonly not allowed at all.



Is There Skip Hire Near Me?

Hopefully you now have an idea about whether or not your waste is suitable for a skip.

Please contact Speedy Skip Hire today on 0345 600 3546 to enquire about hiring a skip.

At Speedy we have got a great range of skips available and will be happy to talk you through all of the information you need to know. 

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