As well as dealing with chemicals in a safe and reliable manner when on a building site, construction companies may have to consider their disposal once a project has been completed. This aspect of working with chemicals is just as important as dealing with them correctly on-site. This is why it is something that needs careful consideration, following any necessary regulations.

As well as posing a potential danger to those initially working with them on a project, chemicals can cause illness or injury later down the line.

Chemicals will be split into three categories: always hazardous, never hazardous and may, or may not be, hazardous and need to be assessed. Ink and paint fall into these categories – the latter of which may apply to contractors that have just completed a housing construction scheme and have to dispose of the products used to complete the build.

Another thing to consider is whether the chemicals are potential fire hazards. These can be used fairly regularly on a building site and include items such as petrol or paint thinners. Although these may not seem like potentially dangerous substances when they are no longer needed, they actually require care and attention.

The Health and Safety Executive notes a proper understanding of chemical disposal is essential and organisations using them are legally required to do so under the Hazardous Waste Regulations.

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