Kitchen Refresh Ideas

Is your kitchen looking a bit tired and in need of a makeover? Even if you're working on a budget, you can give it an up-to-date refresh.

The expense comes if you start ripping out your kitchen and replacing units and flooring, so our ideas below will show you how to revamp your kitchen without starting from scratch - and without a lot of tools, time, and mess.




Idea 1: Refresh your kitchen cupboards  

Kitchen cupboard doors can be painted and handles replaced for a brand-new look, which immediately makes an impact.

Remove the doors before you begin. Try stripping the doors down to the bare wood before painting and remove any vinyl. You can do this by using a hairdryer to melt the adhesive and then slowly peeling the laminate coating away!

Use a belt sander to create an adhesive surface for the paint, and use a base to help your paint stay on longer without chipping or marking.

Using a paint sprayer will give you the cleanest, smoothest finish. Do this outdoors, if possible, so you don't have to protect your indoor surfaces. Remember to wear PPE when sanding and using a paint sprayer--all PPE can be bought from Speedy, including masks, gloves, and eye protection.

If replacing handles, you can fill in old holes with filler, allow to dry, and then sand them back before painting. Use a drill to make the new holes. Or, you can use your paint sprayer to paint the existing handles black for a new look.



Idea 2: Add stylish accessories

From new coffee and tea canisters to new tea towels, table placemats, or oven gloves, kitchen decor can be practical, too. You might want to choose a colour scheme, from bold, bright colours to black and white. Stick with this to make your kitchen really flow.

Glass storage with wooden lids can give a kitchen a modern, clean, Scandi look. White can look fresh and timeless. Choosing a colour can contrast with plain cabinets and worktops.

If you have a windowsill, vases with fake flowers can make it pop. A new blind can also make an impact, as can new toaster and kettle sets if your budget allows.

Houseplants in the kitchen are great, too; choose herbs to keep things practical.


Idea 3: Update your tiled floor

Do you have cracked floor tiles, or would you like to replace your tiled floor to match your décor and make the floor space feel new again?  Remove existing floor tiles using a floor tile lifter, and then a tile cutter will help you cut your new tiles to fit your kitchen floor space.

This can cost a bit more money but is a long-term investment. Larger tiles can help make cleaning easier, especially as you can use a steam cleaner to blast away germs and bacteria hygienically.

Tile is the easiest floor choice for a kitchen, but you can also choose wood or laminate for a cheaper alternative.

Vinyl, or Peel & Stick tiles, are also a budget option.


Idea 4: Upcycle kitchen furniture

If you have wooden chairs and tables, you can sand them down using a belt sander and either keep the wood as it is or add a preservative to give it a natural tint. You can also paint them using chalk paint.

Replace chair cushions to match your new decor, or if you don't have the time and budget, a new tablecloth can have a big effect.


Idea 5: Add a tiled backsplash   

Tiled backsplashes protect your walls from splatters from the Spag Bol while adding impact to your kitchen.

Create and design your tile splashback for an instant colour update to your kitchen. Pick out some tiles at your local hardware store after measuring the space, and using a tile cutter will help you to cut your tiles to fit your design.

Don’t forget your adhesive and grout. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can create the perfect backsplash for your new kitchen design.



Idea 6: Add new storage shelves

Does your kitchen have enough storage? If you hate how cluttered it looks, create storage for the canisters, appliances, and cookbooks currently taking up space on your countertop.

Why not add some floating shelves using an electric screwdriver? They can be used as a storage area, or simply to display frames and prints and add colour to the kitchen without taking up valuable space.

If you're stuck for wall space, adding a long picture shelf to the wall above the window can have a big impact alone.


Keep materials and sharp tools out of children’s/animal's reach, wear correct safety PPE equipment and remember to always check the operators and safety guidance before using any hire equipment.


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