Eco-Friendly Site Accommodation Hire from Speedy

If you are planning on building a more sustainable, eco-friendly construction site, you’ve probably considered the tools you are using, your materials, and how you deal with your waste.

But did you know that you can also improve your carbon footprint and eco credentials by choosing the correct accommodation for your site?

Through Speedy Solutions, you can hire site accommodation designed to fit seamlessly with your site and your requirements, including eco solutions which can reduce emissions, the need for non-renewable energy, and waste.


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Speedy’s Eco-Friendly Site Accommodation Solutions

Speedy Solutions works with the leading companies in site and construction provisions, so we have access to the latest, innovative equipment. We then work with you to find the perfect solution to your issue and needs.

This means that Speedy’s available range of eco-friendly site accommodation is industry-leading. We can find the products which work for you and your required outcome.


Solar Loo

If you require on-site toilet facilities, these self-contained units use solar panels on their roof to convert sunlight into electricity.

This means you’re making the most of your available space on-site, repurposing an essential facility into a practical outcome, while providing quality sanitary facilities.


Ecosmart Solar MAX Welfare Units

Extra large solar roof panels and a lithium battery bank means sunlight and energy are harvested and stored, no matter the weather.

This means you have working welfare facilities, without worrying about how to power them. There is a stage 5 backup HVO generator in place too in case a backup is ever needed.

So, the Ecosmart Solar MAX is the ideal welfare unit for year-round use if you’re after something longer-term.


ECO 12, 16 and 24 Welfare Units

These welfare units are easy to manoeuvre and towable, for precise placement and movement around your site and across multiple sites.

The self-contained solutions have a fully equipped canteen, separate toilets, and a drying room, as well as available storage solutions and office options if required.

If energy reporting is required for your business, these welfare units are the ideal solution  - energy production and usage are tracked for servicing and company reporting requirements.


ECO 20FT Mobile Welfare Unit

All of the features as above, with near-zero emissions coupled with the use of HVO fuel.

This unit can reduce water waste thanks to grey water recycling, micro flush toilets and waterless urinals.

Towable, which can reduce transportation costs and emissions.


Eco Charge Charging Station

If you are using electric, battery-powered tools on site, this charging station gives you a single charging destination for use by everyone on site.

Lockers are accessed from inside the cabin, this increases security and safety. Everything is weather-tight, and it is powered by free renewable solar energy with an HVO biofuel generator backup if required.

So, your tools are always ready for use, suffering no downtime or loss.


Find out more - Call: 0845 600 3546 or Email: customersolutions@speedyservices.com


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