As well as putting up the scaffolding safely and checking the structure on a regular basis, building firms also need to ensure the people using it are competent and have been fully trained.

The Health and Safety Executive notes the type of training individuals receive depends on the type of scaffolding on which they are working, while any trainees need to receive instruction from an individual who is competent. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure the correct levels of supervision are provided and they must consider the complexity of the project to determine the amount of training required.

However, there are some minimum requirements that have to be met and builders are required to have an appropriately qualified scaffolder for the type of structure being erected for every scaffold gang. This person must have received training under a recognised manufacturer or supplier scheme or hold a scaffolder card after going through an industry recognised training scheme.

Until they pass the training and assessment required to be considered as qualified, workers will be known as trainee scaffolders.

Qualified advanced scaffolders can supervise the erection, alteration and dismantling of complex designed scaffolding.

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