As the days get darker and colder it is essential that you have the correct equipment to help keep your site running, illuminated and warm during the longer winter nights especially when the temperature drops.  Speedy Services featured winter products can help make a difference to your site, our range includes lighting towers, generators, heaters and dehumidifiers.

We have the right hire tools for the job when you need it and where you want it. And with over 350 of our most popular products available on a guaranteed 4-hour delivery, and 200 service centres nationwide there's no need to look anywhere else for your high-quality tool hire equipment.

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1. Lighting Towers

Lighting towers are perfect for lighting large areas of your site, we have a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable lighting towers, including, solar and hybrid technology and advanced battery systems.

Generac V20 Eco Hybrid LED Lighting Tower

The Generac V20 Pro 8.2m Eco hybrid lighting tower is 1.15t and features 4 x 240w LED floodlights and an all-in-one solution comprising of a battery-powered supply, hybrid power and low consumption diesel engine. This lighting tower is mobile and suitable for applications like roadworks, airports, and areas where light pollution must be kept to a minimum.

Hire V20 Eco Hybrid Lighting Towers

Speedy Lighting - V20 from Speedy Vimeo on Vimeo.


2. Generators

Generators provide a portable electrical power source and are ideally suited for tradesman, building and construction environments, our range of generators includes diesel, petrol and solar.

Pramac E3200 2.9KVA Portable Generator

The Pramac E3200 2.9KVA portable generator is petrol, 240V 38KG this single voltage generator is ideally suited for tradesman, building and construction environments. A simple professional generator with thermal protection, which delivers a high-performance level.

Hire Pramac Portable Generator


3. Heaters

Our range of heaters are compact with a robust construction and includes cabinet heaters, convector heaters, oil fired heaters, bin heaters, infrared heaters, propane forced air heaters, diesel heaters, radiant heaters and fan heaters. They provide efficient heating for industrial and commercial environments such as warehouses and workshops.

Rhino TQ3 H029300 2.8kW 110v Infrared Heater

The Rhino TQ3 H029300 2.8kW 110v infrared heater, its moulded handle and wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability. Highly efficient twin 1400W infra-red elements make a formidable tool for combating the elements. Ideally suited for spot heating in construction environments made from high grade and heat resistant material, ideal for temporary heating and drying paintwork and plaster.

Hire Rhino Infrared Heater


4. Dehumidifiers

Our range of electric dehumidifiers are powerful, portable, designed to reduce humidity in enclosed environments by removing water vapour from the air, ideal for drying rooms following decorating, flood damage and construction.

Dri-Eaz BD1000 Portable Dehumidifier

The Dri-Eaz BD1000 Portable Dehumidifier 110V 39KG is a powerful, portable dehumidifier capable of extracting an impressive 48 litres per day. It delivers a strong dehumidification performance, durability and reliability designed to quickly dry out rooms and structures following decorating, flood damage and construction.

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